iced rose

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“God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.”

(quote from James M. Barrie , accessed 12/1/13 at

Yesterday a friend shared a poem with me that described how a rose needs light to unfold and evolve and implied we are all like roses that need light in order to outgrow our fears. Today, in a meditation I read the above quote by James. M. Barrie. It seems odd to me that two days in a row now God has called my attention to roses. I do believe he is trying to tell me something. Add to that the beginning of Advent on this day full of God’s sunlight and blue skies, and the promise Advent brings with it of God’s gift of light—–and a picture of what I think my Higher Power wants me to notice begins to emerge.

My God wants me to know his grace and love are always there. He wants me to know his light is always present, that I only need to consent for that light to help me grow spiritually. What is new about the message I think he wants me to get today is this thing about memory. In a way, human aging is about fading youth, health, and short-term memory. God lets us keep long term memory the longest. We can remember the happy moments he has gifted us with, and we can relive them and appreciate them all over again. So now in my older years (December) I can relive wonders and miracles I have experienced in the past. Christmas can be full of magic an wonder if I consent to let it be so. The memory of a loving caress can return and be felt once again. A hug shared with my deceased mother can be experienced as if it was happening now.

God lets me remember “bad” memories too, and this brings me back to the reference to a rose in Barrie’s quote. Roses have thorns, and I need to remember the “thorns” of my experiences so I don’t repeat my mistakes. Every once in a while my God lets me stumble on a thorn so I can realize how far he has brought me and how strong his love is. At these times I get to “choose all over again” to consent, surrender, and let God handle things. Until I let go of the thorn that is pricking my finger, it is a very scary situation. I start getting overwhelmed about not being able to “solve the problem.” Thankfully, God  usually reminds me I don’t have to solve or fix whatever “it”  the thorn represents all by myself. In fact, my experience has taught me, things get worked out a lot better if I just back off and let God handle things asking only for knowledge of his will for me and the courage to carry that out.

Please comment and share your thoughts about the roses and thorns in your life. May God bless and keep you.