Black Friday

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Today is not “sitting well” in my soul. Thanks to “Black Friday” I now have 999+ emails to go through and determine which 2% not to delete. Seriously, today is all about greed, and getting something for me and mine. It is about making a profit. It is about seeing who can get the biggest, best present for the least money so one’s ego can be stroked when the giving of the gift impresses someone. It does not embrace love, caring, or concern for our human family. It is definitely not about the spirit of Christmas. And the very name of “Black Friday” is an insult to the true Black Friday when Christ died on the cross.

Now that I’ve ranted, I am reminded of something I read on Facebook this morning where a parent was bemoaning the sad state of affairs in our country when people are homeless and have to stand in line to get something to eat. The woman was actually complaining about how God could let something like this happen, and her child turned to her and asked her “Why do you?” (accessed on 11/29/13 at:

So, rather than just belly-aching about “Black Friday” I should be asking myself what can I do about it? Should I sit at home and be careful not to shop—-even on the Internet? Should I get busy focusing on “good works?” Should I spend my money not shopping and drop some of it into slot machines? Should I just do “ordinary shopping” like I usually do, which usually entails trying to find a bargain? Should I get out and get some exercise?

I can tell you what I have done and what I plan to do. I made a major purchase on-line last night, and it was for an item that broke yesterday. I will not be making any major purchases today. If I buy anything, it will be some more “fingerless gloves” to keep my arthritic wrists warm in my house that I have promised myself to keep at 63 degrees this winter. I will work on the Christmas gifts I am crocheting. I will get out and do some walking, and some of it may be in our town’s casino. If anything major is won there, the church will get 10% of it. I doubt any of these actions will get rid of Black Friday, but at least it will keep me out of crowds.

What is obvious to me, is that no matter what I do, I am an active member of our capitalist system. I buy. I consume. I sell. I enjoy. But, the biggest thing I do that does and will make a difference is I pray. I try to keep my spirit in the right place and right-sized, and I try to keep my ego at bay. I try to share what I have, and will keep trying. The only thing I can change actually is myself– my attitude, my actions, and my priorities. I can’t change other people, places, or things, and that includes Black Friday. Enough said. Please comment and share your thoughts about today’s topic. May God bless and keep you.