Apache Blessing


First, let me clarify that the above photo and blessing is from  Shadow of The Wolf Native Wisdom Poems of The Heart (see link above); they have my gratitude for publishing this on Face book (accessed 6/19/13), and I hope they don’t  mind me sharing it on this blog.

I don’t know about you, but just reading the “Apache Blessing” relaxes me. This is, for me, an excellent example of the type of prayer a recent blog discussed—-the type that is based deep within one’s soul and leads to faith, hope, and the gift of loving oneself as discussed by Rohr (The Naked Now, 2009).

When I read the words in this blessing, my thoughts are stilled as they drift into that “quiet, sacred place” inside my soul where it is easy to realize God/Creator/Great Spirit is all around me and in me because I am part of the Great Spirit’s  creation. If Great Spirit/God is all around me as the essential ingredient of all creation, then most assuredly, Great Spirit/God is within me because I am part of that creation.

If I can hold on to this perspective it is much easier to few others I meet as infused with Great Spirit also whether they are aware of it or not. What is important is that I am aware of it and, consequently, treat them with respect, kindness, and compassion. This belief is supported by one of my favorite bible passages from Matthew 25:40 (NLT): “I assure you, when you did it to one of the lest of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” This philosophy guides me to see everyone as a vessel of God/Creator/Great Spirit; it does not always keep me from being self-centered and blind to another’s need. However, as I spiritually evolve, more and more often I am able to view everyone as containing some aspect of “God within.” Thankfully, it also allows me to see “God within” myself so it is easier to accept and love myself more  often also. Thus, I am blessed to “walk gently through the world and know its beauty” one day at a time.

Please share your thoughts about “walking gently through the world.” God bless and keep you.