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Honoring the Child Within

According to Luke 18: 16-17 (NIV), Jesus once said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of Good like a child will never enter it.”

Childlike trust and faith is important for connecting with one’s inner spirituality.  According to The Life Recovery Bible (1998, p. 1236), “childlike faith is itself a gift from God that may take time for him to restore in us, especially if we have been abused (spiritually, emotionally, sexually, or physically). In recovery we are told to keep it simple; a simple faith in an almighty God is necessary for a successful recovery.”

I would like to believe the part about past abuse being a problem for those of us in recovery is not true. However, I know it is for myself and many others I have worked with over the years. Many of us have turned to addictions to numb the hurt and pain inflicted upon us in early childhood. The soul-centered wound  from such abuse remains with us once we enter recovery, and it can lead us back into our addictions if we are not careful. It takes hard work, sometimes for years and decades, before this wound can begin to heal.

My own healing process is a direct result of the spiritual journey I have pursued. Yes, counseling helped. However, insight was not enough. It took being like a child and truly trusting my Higher Power within the context of silent centering prayer to be given the gift of real healing. During one session of centering prayer my Higher Power gave me the gift of talking to and forgiving the person who sexually molested me when I was four years old.  At the time this occurred,  the person who had molested me had been dead for over fifty years and I had already been in recovery for approximately thirty years. I am convinced a firm foundation  in 12 step recovery is what set the stage for me to trust enough to finally receive this gift of healing.

In closing, I would like to share a meditation written by S.C. ( 1978, Help for Helpers: Daily Meditations for Those Who Care, the page for July 17):

“The little child in each of us never stops needing rainbows and hugs.

Our little child needs a safe person to sit near when tears come.

Our little child needs to believe there are no secrets too bad to be told, and no rooms too dark to enter.

Our little child needs to know love won’t be withheld.

Our little child needs to feel there’s a path she was created to walk on.

Our little child needs to believe he can make no mistake too bad for God to fix.

No matter how old we get, that little child lives on in our tenderest part. Remind us to clap and dance when we see a rainbow. Today, I will take time to honor the child in me.”

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May you experience rainbows and childlike faith in your spiritual journey. God Bless and keep you.