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Yesterday, I listened once again to a song I used to love back in the day. I would have never guessed there would be a time in the distant future I would be turning to Led Zeppelin for spiritual inspiration. Perhaps there truly has been a paradigm shift in my perspective, because, when I listened closely yesterday to the lyrics of this song I heard a strong spiritual message. The lyrics can be found at  LED ZEPPELIN – STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN LYRICS; reading them should help all of this make a bit more sense.

To  me, the lyrics tell a spiritual tale about a lady trying to buy her way into heaven by following the “rules” and with “good acts.”  The lyrics further imply that anxiously searching for the right way to enter heaven is a waste of time—that the “answer” for how to “get into heaven” is in the wind, and if we patiently wait in silence we will hear the “tune” that connects us all with each other and with God.  We will realize what we were searching for has been with us  and within us all along—that we are all one with God.

I never heard that message from Zeppelin before, and I may never do so again. My current perception of these lyrics resonates with my own spiritual journey. When I grew up in the Methodist church, it was very important to me to “do the right thing” in order to earn God’s favor and everyone else’s. I had a strong faith when I entered college. Then I learned to question everything, and, after a while, drugs and alcohol put a psychedelic spin on my perception of music…..hence, the term “tripping on the stairway” (in the psychedelic sense).

After graduating, working for several years, and getting sober and clean, I began to search for “the true meaning of life”—I studied numerous religions, I visited a variety of churches, I explored how various Native American cultures viewed Creator, etc. It took me a long time to find my way back to God, and now my perception and faith keep evolving. My involvement in contemplative prayer has deepened my conceptualization of God as being “with and within” each human being. It has strengthened my conviction of the importance of sharing “God with and within” with others….something I never would have done before. I don’t mean doing so by preaching or trying to “convert” someone to believing the way I do.  Instead, for me, the best way I can share my belief is to be my belief, to be a reflection of God’s love in my interaction with others. My job is to release God’s love so that others can “hear the tune.”

Please comment; I would love to hear/read your thoughts regarding “God With and God Within.” God bless and keep you.