I know I have not written for months. But I am about to burst out of my “funk” because this is something I have to pass on. You may think I am a bit nuts by the time you finish reading this, but I had this profound experience, and I believe it delivered a message I am meant to share.  I made a new friend today, and talking to her helped me get interested in writing about it.

Shortly before I woke up on August 29th, I had a dream experience that touched my soul and is still touching it. In this dream I was standing looking up through the leaves of tree tops, and this bright light was shining down on me. Suddenly, I felt as if I was in direct communication with God, soaking up His bright light and love. I consequently had the thought, “What would happen if I just decided I can be happy?”  This was quickly followed by the thought, “What if I believed everything was going to be alright?” At that instant  I realized Creator/God was in charge and that I could relax. It was a moment of pure joy.

Now I know these messages are not new, and I have read them and heard them before. But they were never before communicated to me directly by God—-nor did they affect my behavior the way these dream messages did. It was as  if they were planted in my soul. I stopped worrying about floods, bombs, Korea, politics, ugly things written on Face Book, etc. I  have thoughts about these things of course, how could I not living in today’s world? But now I don’t ruminate on them. I remind myself I want to be happy, and I remember Julian of Norwich’s message that “All matter of things shall be well.” And,  then, I do relax. I can redirect my thoughts into a positive direction and surrender all worries to God.

Realistically speaking, what does that mean? Well, I’ve stopped fighting the new way doctors have told me I have to eat—–and I’m  eating “bad carbs” and keeping track of calories. That means I’ve surrendered a lot to God at this point, including over 7 pounds in less than a week. It means I am learning to remember to take my vitamins. It means when I’m at a traffic circle instead of cursing at people who don’t yield I remind myself if they want to ignore their yield signs….let them, what does it matter? I hear our president promising he has a big heart and he won’t let our “dreamers” down—-and then the next day he terminates the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. I have to let it go; I can’t change it. I have to pray for him anyway.

I am less anxious and depressed. And I am very grateful for that. I hope some of you reading this can experience the same thing.