Photo “God’s Eye” courtesy of K. Farwell


Today I was reminded of the fact that facing our life’s challenges is not a matter of perfection but of progress. Too often I have used “it has to be perfect” to keep from doing what I should.  There are many guidelines for how we should be living our lives given to us by tradition and holy writings, and I think they too agree with the appropriateness of aiming for progress rather than perfection. I understand this basic principle, but I also am aware that I can use accepting myself as I am and calling it progress is not necessarily progress—–and it certainly won’t initiate needed changes. AA’s “big book” also says “half measures availed us nothing.”  There are numerous guidelines in scripture that were never meant to be “worked towards”——they are absolute “do it now’s.”

See how my mind can paint itself into a corner? If I let my intellect rule my heart and my life, I get stuck and miss the gifts inherent in living life in relationship with Creator. So, how does one solve this dilemma? How does one decide whether to adopt an attitude of acceptance or to instead  actively pursue accomplishing a specific goal? For me, I must return to another 12 step saying, and that is from one of our prayers: “….asking only for God’s will for us and the power to carry it out.”  This, for me, is where the solution lies.

This solution became even clearer to me when I considered the words of Miss Eileen Caddy written yesterday and shared on my Facebook feed this afternoon: ” Seek Me, Find Me and Love Me With All Your Heart. Never waste time praying for your material needs, for I know all your needs before you know them yourselves, and I will answer each one when you learn to put first things first. Humankind wastes so much time praying for this, that and the other and fails to do the only thing that really matters and that answers all prayers: to seek Me, find Me and love Me with all your heart, mind, body and soul. That is all you need to do for this is the Source, this is the beginning and the end. This is all that really matters.”

Funny how intellectual quandaries can easily be solved by something simultaneously simple but infinitely wise.  If I put seeking, finding, and loving Creator with all my heart first then everything is as it should be and everything falls into proper perspective. I don’t know Miss Eileen, but wherever she is I want to thank her for giving me this important message today. May God bless and keep you.