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I’ve been reading a bit lately about the power “one word” prayers have. According to what I’ve been reading,  one word erupting from the heart and soul with emotional force has more power to “reach” God than all of the flowery, wordy  spoken and read prayers. I don’t know about you, but this thought brings me a certain amount of relief. When I am feeling something intensely I don’t have time to stop and think about wording my prayers just right. There have been times in my life when I was in so much pain I could only think “God have mercy; Christ have mercy.” Or, most simply, the thought or word “God.” Since I am alive to write this, I know God heard and answered those prayers.

With this “one word” concept comes the need for caution….as in the old fable of the boy who cried wolf so many times that when he actually saw a wolf and tried to worn his village no one believed him. Out of exasperation and/or irritation, I often think or say, “God!”  This borders on taking the name of God in vain—–and it may be getting in the way of God hearing my “one word” prayers in times of desperation.

The spoken word has great power. We know our thoughts have great power.  A wise teacher from Mexico once taught me that when thoughts become spoken words they become even more powerful. I believed him, and to this day I don’t like to sing the lyrics about dying or to make angry proclamations  akin to ” I could just kill you.” Once released, words have great power—-and they cannot be taken back.

So, before I grow “too wordy” and what I am trying to communicate gets buried in an avalanche of words, please pay attention to my main point: Be careful about what you think and what you say. Our thoughts and words create our realities—-and if a strongly felt “word” or thought is what gets through to  God, let us hope it is one we would like him to “receive.”  I know God is aware of what is in my mind, heart, and soul even before I am—-and even without me having to “put it into words.” So, wouldn’t it be prudent, therefore, for me to work on “cleaning out my mind” so that the thoughts and words there are ones I would like to be in God’s awareness?” So, today, I am going to be aware of my thoughts and words, and try to bring them into alignment with God’s love and will. May God bless and keep you.