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Again, here I sit typing at the keyboard. Spoiler alert: today I am going to be talking  health issues in some detail, so you might want to skip to the last paragraph if you want to “cut to the chase” and read my spiritual slant on all this.

I called me doctor yesterday. It was a form of surrender. I gave up. I have been doing everything I can to control my blood sugar levels by diet alone. Up until now I have been very successful—-mostly, I think, due to God’s grace. I went off of my oral diabetic medication over three years ago and have not had to go back on it because God showed me a way to eat that is healthy for me. I am glad I called and asked for help because my fasting blood sugar when I woke up this morning was 67.

Thirty some odd years ago, long before I became a Type 2 diabetic, I was diagnosed as hypoglycemic. At that time my low blood sugars were mostly due to forgetting to eat at set times (in rebellion) or eating the wrong things.  My self-will run riot in regards to controlling my own food agenda continued, and, consequently, I became a Type 2 diabetic about fifteen years later.  When my blood sugar is low (hypoglycemia) I get a bad headache, I feel irritable, nothing seems to “go right,” and I have trouble thinking clearly. It is a bit like being a little bit drunk or, perhaps even more so, experiencing a hangover.

I should not be surprised that my body chemistry is changing as I age, but I am not enjoying it. I am no longer predictable. Yesterday I realized that I was once again trying to “control” my food and health even though I have asked for God’s help. That is when I surrendered, because I am thoroughly confused at this point. Fruit and protein are supposed to keep your blood sugar level as is eating five small meals during the day about 3-4 hours apart.  Complex carbohydrates (whole grains) help some people, but they are bad news for me,  so I avoid eating them or anything with flour or sugar in it. I know I need to add fruit and/or protein to my diet,  but at this time I am unsure  how to do it.

My doctor’s office just called me back right before I began writing this blog. My doctor’s advice was to add fruit juice, fruit, or protein. She suggested yogurt. I told the nurse I eat Greek yogurt and fruit at once or twice a day, so I would not be adding them to my diet unless I added additional amounts. Here’s what we finally decided for me to try first: a mid-morning small fruit or protein serving and adding additional fruit to my lunch. Since I asked God this morning for knowledge of his will for me and the power to carry that out, I will follow my doctor’s advice and see what happens.

Now that I’ve bored you with all that tedious detail, I’ll try to tell you what spiritual message I see in all this. First, I need to trust God—even if that means asking for and following advice from others. Second, I need to act accordingly. This is where faith comes in because in the past when I’ve added the recommended foods I stopped losing weight and even started gaining weight at times. The spiritual message I am getting from all this is sometimes you  just have to trust God and carry on—-so, “Trust God and Carry On” will be my motto for today. Take care,  and God bless and keep you.