love life quote about stress

So often people sit around  tables in 12 step meetings and focus what they are talking about on problems in their lives rather than blessings. Those are the meetings that are best re-directed to “attitude of gratitude” meetings.  Simply put, if we focus our thinking on problems or on wanting something we don’t have we waste a precious opportunity to enjoy our current moment.

Different things help different people let go of stress. Sometimes, it can be as simple as taking a deep breath and telling yourself to relax. Sometimes it can be focusing on a happy memory or picturing a restful place of beauty in your mind.  Sometimes it is just getting busy and doing the next best or right thing… doing the dishes in my kitchen sink rather than worrying about all the lectures I need to “tweak” before the semester starts.  Sometimes it is getting out and walking—–getting some exercise and enjoying the gift of creation God has given us.

The whole point is to realize the many different ways we are blessed rather than focusing on “things” we don’t have—–things that would often not make us one bit happier if we were able to attain them. Most of the things in my life I consider blessings are things I could never buy anyway. Things like my dog’s love, a sunset, a fragrant fall breeze, a rainbow,  or a butterfly……the friends I have met through my church and in the fellowship of recovery, my family, close friends I’ve made throughout my life, memories of people gone, and people still here.

I am asking you to take this moment and visualize in your mind all of the people and things in your life that bring you pleasure and happiness. The things you are blessed with—–the very things that will help dispel stress in your life if you let them. May God bless and keep you. I am going to close with a photo from Facebook today that said to “share”—–it is of a favorite spiritual place of mine:

William Raine Fotograpy Sunset and Sunrays Mt Magazine State Park accessed July 27, 2013