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In response to the blog about climbing ladders that was posted yesterday, a good friend explained to me that the ladder Jacob saw in his vision was not there for Jacob to climb——instead angels went up and down the ladder to come to Jacob as God’s messengers. My friend who commented on yesterday’s blog also suggested I read Genesis 28 to revisit the story of “Jacob’s Ladder.” My friend is right, the song about Jacob’s Ladder got it all wrong—–the ladder in that story is not one God means for humans to climb. My friend wished for me that my angel might come down and lead me today. That wish got me to thinking about angels.

I believed in angels, fairies, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy as a child. Sadly, I lost those beliefs through the years. However, many of my adult friends have a very strong belief in angels as something very, very real.

I like the concept of angels as God’s messengers. Now that I am learning to be more receptive to God’s messages, I realize my life has probably been full of angel’s trying to get God’s message to me— but I was too busy or too blind to receive the message. Contemplative prayer has helped me be more receptive to God’s messages by showing me ways of silence that let me listen for God’s message.

So,  here I am at the turning point between middle age and evolving into a true elder, and my God has given me one more gift to take with me along my pathway….now I, too, can believe in angels. My faith is, hopefully, returning to that pure form I once knew as a small child. Today I am going to be looking up for that angel who is coming to me with God’s message—–and it won’t be a leap of faith to also believe that angel can protect me from harm if that is what God intends.

That’s it for today. I just needed to realize I do believe in angels….and accept them as my guides on my spiritual pathway.

Please share your thoughts about angels. May God bless and keep you.