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If My  Mind Was a Computer

Dr.  Paul O. (1995, There’s More to Quitting Drinking than Quitting Drinking)  wrote about what it would be like if his brain was a computer. He thought it would be nice to control his thinking because it controls who he is and his life in general. He further explained , “My mind has a defective toggle switch. It indiscriminately turns itself on and off, thinks when it should be resting, rests when it should be thinking, and thinks about things it should ignore” (p. 42). He fantasized how nice it would be to have a delete button and,  better yet, an option for “Control+Alt+Delete” (p. 43) to control his thoughts so his  mind could start over as needed.

Computers have come a long way since 1995. Today, I would like to build on Dr. Paul O’s fantasy. What if our mind would automatically copy, cut, paste, post on Face Book and Twitter,  and connect electronically with cell phones, lap tops, tablets and all those overhead satellites that are doomed to wear out? Scary thought. Google would have access to all our thoughts. Microsoft and Apple would have the potential for mass control of the human race. That means Big Brother would also be able to access and  control our thoughts. Come to think of it, our thoughts would be pretty much open to the public. There would be even less privacy and self-determination than we think we currently have. Besides that, if my thinking shut down every time I was confused, I’d be in trouble because it would be re-booting 24/7.

So, what does this have to do with recovery and spirituality? I believe the importance of making choices and being responsible for doing so  is a basic spiritual principle. Otherwise, how would I be different from a computer? Where would my soul be? How could God’s spirit be programmed into everything? Some things are just not meant to be based on computer programming. It is vitally important to receive and share God’s love, and, were I unable to choose to do so, then I would be closer to being a machine than a human soul created by God. I would not have the privilege of being caught up in the magic dance of life and spiritual growth.

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