on off switch

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The other day I was looking at a meditative reading that talked about how each of us is responsible for our actions but not associated outcomes (Casey, K. , 1982, Each Day a New Beginning). Perhaps this over-simplifies things, but I cannot help but wish I had always known that. I have spent countless hours trying to control outcomes, and I was never ever able to attain some semblance of serenity until I realized that in my program of recovery God was responsible for outcomes as long as I took the next right action. Granted, no action can be an action that creates outcomes, sometimes unwanted ones, but procrastination will have to be a topic for another day.

Someone once explained this to me in terms of viewing one’s higher power as a source of energy that has to be set in motion by us “flipping the on switch.”  Perhaps this representation of electricity being similar to God has merit. I have to take the action of either walking to the switch or pushing the remote control button to turn the switch on in order for God/electricity to flow and cause outcomes. Staying in this metaphor, the scientific concept of conductivity  could represent the power of prayer. My faith that the action will have the desired result  motivates me to turn on the switch—-signifying  I need to seek and accept God’s help if I want my recovery journey to proceed.

Other authors have looked at the concepts of effort and outcome. One author ( O., 1995, There’s More to Quitting Drinking than Quitting Drinking) discusses his working relationship with his God as follows, “The net effect of my partnership arrangement with God is that He and I are now co-creators of my day. I determine my attitude; He determines reality and the outcome of my actions. Together these determine the kind of day I have” (p. 158).

I like what these two authors have to say. I need to be reminded that I am not responsible for outcomes. I also need to be reminded I can’t just sit on my over-sized posterior and wait for things to magically happen. I absolutely have to work in partnership with God to determine the reality I experience.

Enough. Hope to hear your ideas about the concepts of actions and outcomes as they relate to a spiritual path of recovery. God bless and keep you.

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