“Let Go and Let God” is a slogan frequently cited in recovery circles. When questioned about the meaning of this phrase, individuals often give differing opinions. So, today, I am going to write about what this phrase means to me.

First, what it does not mean to me:

  •    Sitting and doing nothing while I wait for Great Spirit to do everything
  •    Telling everyone I meet that everything is in Great Spirit’s hands
  •     I think I can tell Great Spirit what to do

Secondly, what it does mean to me:

  •   Realizing I’m not in charge nor am I Great Spirit
  •  Accepting that Great Spirit will handle things in her/his own way
  •   Knowing that Great Spirit does not share my human concept of time and  that Great Spirit’s intervention in my life is not dictated by my time limits/expectations
  •  I need to be willing to step back and let  Great Spirit handle a problem or challenge while still doing my part (with her/his direction)  to solve the problem or surpass the challenge

And, finally, what it implies to me:

  •  I can relax and let Great Spirit drive the bus—or to at least guide me as I do so
  •  I don’t have to solve problems (mine or others’)
  • I don’t have to fix myself or others
  •   I need to leave judging others completely up to Great Spirit

Am I able to always do this? Of course not. I am a first-born controlling worry-wart. But I am a work in progress, and I am much better than I once was at letting go and not “grabbing it back.” Lately, I’ve been making a conscientious effort to relax, to take deep breaths, and to practice contemplative prayer while I sit still, quiet my mind, and just “be here now.” It is amazing to me how much better Great Spirit’s guidance is able to reach my soul when I am able to sit still in quiet contemplation.

Enough about me and my ideas. I look forward to hearing comments from those who read this regarding their ideas about what “Let Go and Let God” means to them in their lives.