I have been taking days one day at a time for 32 plus years now, and I have found it to be a one step at a time affair. It has been an adventure with ups and downs and “all-arounds. ” My Higher Power has gifted me with these experiences. Although  I would not care to re-live some of them, they have forced me to grow spiritually. It is my hope that this blog can be one where we share our experience, strength, and hope—-sharing stories and hope that support spiritual growth.

Today I would like to focus on the topic of why “bad things happen to good people.” Watching all the news about the devastation of Moore, OK,  has put me in that mind set. I have accepted I am a good person. I have accepted the bad things that happened to me and have tried to use them to become a “wounded healer.” But I still question “Why?” when I see devastation and pain like that portrayed on television today.  Am I supposed to learn from something like this? How can I use it to help others? Why would my Higher Power allow/cause a disaster like this to happen?

Here’s the positive I have seen come out of this disaster so far. It has focused prayer and human-to-human help on those two and four-leggeds hurt by this tornado. It has made it clear that material things do not last forever; they can be gone in an instant. People’s souls and things spiritual cannot be “blown away” and are, perhaps, even strengthened by undergoing something like this. The other good thing I have seen are the pictures of people reunited with each other and with their pets; and these are the scenes that bring tears to my eyes and joy to my soul.

So, I still have no definitive answer to the age old question of why God allows evil to exist and cause pain. Perhaps what I need to focus on is what to do about it and with it….just like I have to do with my alcoholism and compulsive eating. If I spend all my time focusing on the “why” of my problem—–being angry and resentful and being a victim I just get buried deeper in the pain. It has only been when I have moved my soul in the direction of working on/living in the solution rather than the problem that I have been able to survive and grow spiritually.

Enough about me. I would love to hear from others of you out there what your thoughts are about today’s topic. Please share them.