microwave oven

Image courtesy of Supertrooper/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Today my microwave talked back to me. It called me a child! Not once, but several times it blinked  the word “child” at me. Now, I could take this as an advent message that a child is coming. I could take it as a warning that I am close to entering my second childhood. Mostly, I wondered what was going on with my microwave——until I realized I had punched the start button multiple times rather than the 1 minute button.  My error had indicated to a computerized machine that a child was playing with it. I suppose the microwave is pre-programmed to warn parents when they need to watch and teach their child to stay away from the microwave.

Yesterday a friend told me about a new bra that is supposedly out on the market with electrodes in it to detect when your heart rate elevates because you want to eat something you shouldn’t. That brought all sorts of silly thoughts to my head. Ones such as, “women who wear this should stay out of the rain” or “it would be awkward when your ‘battery is low warning’ started chirping.”  Then I wondered how on earth such a contraption could differentiate between causes of a rise in heart rate…..like would it warn me my heart rate was elevated after I’d climbed three flights of stairs or watched a good looking, tanned, muscular man with a gorgeous smile walk be? Granted these were all flights of fantasy, especially the last scenario.

Seriously, what earthly good would an electrical warning that your body was turned on by something unhealthy have on stopping addictive behavior? Didn’t God create a conscience in us that lets us know when we are contemplating something we shouldn’t do? When did that ever stop someone with an addictive personality from eating, drinking, drugging, etc.?

By now, you are probably wondering what the “topic” of today’s blog is. Basically, although camouflaged by my circuitous  writing style, it is the topic of “warnings” and how we respond to them.  Most of the time, I already realize something I am contemplating is not healthy for me or someone else. Fortunately, trying to follow a spiritual program of recovery helps me respond positively to those whispered warnings from that “still, small voice” that comes from deep within my soul. Sometimes, I ignore such warnings, and proceed anyway. Usually such willful, self-directed action forces me into what those in recovery call “teachable moments.”  That is why I am glad God loves me enough to forgive me and once again help me handle what I cannot handle by myself if I am only willing to allow him to do so.

Well, that is enough meandering for this morning. Please comment and share your thoughts about how we receive and respond to warnings. Be warm, dry, and safe. May God bless and keep you.